We support each of our clients by choosing the best-customized spa concept based on their vision and goals.
All our projects ideally begin with a market study to determine the best type of spa services to offer to the targeted clientele. A feasibility study follows to determine the economics of implementing the ideal spa, based on the market and the client's objectives. A budget and a projected profit and loss (P&L) will also be completed. The budget will include: real estate acquisition, construction costs, furniture fixtures and equipment (F.F.&E.), and the start-up costs such as staff selection, staff training, marketing, product inventory and purchasing, the pre-opening and opening of the spa.
The feasibility of doing the project will be presented along with a return on investment (ROI) projection.
When the study is approved, MEDIFINE will proceed to implement the project. We provide a full "turn-key" delivery or intervene partially. We provide architects and interior designers or we work jointly with the client's designated team. Based on our extensive worldwide experience, we are particularly attentive to the hidden problems of spa operations such as spatial architectural layout considerations as well as electrical and plumbing requirements. We will advise our clients on how we will implement appropriate spa designing procedures.